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LETHALO has proven to be more deadly and effective than jiu jitsu, karate, boxing, wrestling, or even skilled knife fighting! Why? LETHALO is pure multi-martial-art combat defense fighting, simple enough for a senior or disabled person to master, yet deadly enough for a 110-pound handicapped woman to defeat a 210-pound man!

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Previously available only to police forces and military organizations, and on a limited individual basis from the only approved instructors in the world, LETHALO can now be mastered via four online courses costing only $49.95! Why pay hundreds or thousands, to study years of techniques, that have little or no value on the street and in real life?

That's right,LETHALO, previously available only to the most elite military and police forces, and the highest level black belts, on a private instruction basis, is NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU VIA four inexpensive online courses!

LETHALO is prominently described in The Deadly Defense Manual as:

 "Truly the world's deadliest and most effective self-defense system ever devised. Since LETHALO is based on modern medicine,and multiple martial arts, even the best punches, grappling, holds and kicks of other systems just can't compete with the instantly disabling eye, artery,throat,and many other techniques of LETHALO...The 'Why own a gun?' chapter is worth the price of the whole course..." (Best Defense Book, page 19).

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